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Criminal Defense in South Carolina
Our South Carolina law firm has experience in criminal defense and understands how devastating charges and convictions can be to you, your family, your economic stability, and your future. If you are under investigation and/or have been contacted by investigators in law enforcement to be interviewed, call us first. You won’t be able to talk your way out of them building their case against you and you need someone on your side who knows your rights.

We offer representation in nearly all areas of criminal defense, including:
Drug Crimes
Juvenile Crimes
Violent Felonies (Violent Crimes)
Criminal Domestic Violence (CDV/DV)
Driving under the influence (DUI/DUAC)
Driving under suspension (DUS)
White-Collar Crimes
Sex Crimes
Traffic Tickets
Record Expungement

South Carolina Criminal Defense Attorneys
As the accused in all criminal prosecutions, you are given the right to the assistance of counsel under the Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. As your criminal defense law firm serving the Spartanburg, Greenville, and Anderson areas, we will do everything we can to seek to have prejudicial evidence excluded, reduce the severity of criminal charges, and avoid the harshest consequences of a conviction. By getting counsel immediately you may even be able to avoid a conviction. We will explore every last opportunity for justice and fight to protect your constitutional rights.

Our experienced South Carolina criminal defense lawyer prosecuted thousands of cases during his previous tenure at the Solicitor’s Office. Zack Farr has an insider’s look at how law enforcement and prosecutors work crime cases. He now uses this information to put together a strong, aggressive strategy for your defense.

Free South Carolina Criminal Defense Consultation
By contacting us as soon as possible, and before speaking to law enforcement, we can help you navigate and understand the criminal law system and the best legal options for your defense. We can begin to aggressively fight for your rights immediately. Don’t wait! Call us today for your free South Carolina criminal defense consultation.