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Violent Felonies (Violent Crimes)

Violent Felonies (Violent Crimes)

Violent Felonies (Violent Crimes)
Don’t fall prey to thinking you can resolve the situation by explaining your side of the story to investigators, as they will already be building a case against you and may use what you have to say in their favor. Call us first. The Victoria Law Firm is dedicated to fighting for your constitutional rights as covered under the Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. We not only assure you will get assistance of counsel in all criminal prosecutions, we will be diligent, dedicated, and aggressive in fighting for your rights whether this is your first charge or you have previous criminal convictions.

South Carolina Violent Felonies (Violent Crimes) Defense Attorney
As a former prosecutor of violent crimes and felony crimes, our attorney Zack Farr is now on our side and here to help you. He has experience in all types of major crimes and while tenured at the Solicitor’s Office, he tried close to 20 General Sessions cases to final verdict in just three years.

Now with us as a criminal defense lawyer serving the Spartanburg, Greenville, and Anderson areas, he will do everything he can to seek to have prejudicial evidence of past crimes excluded, reduce the severity of your criminal charges, and avoid the harshest consequences of a conviction. By getting counsel immediately you may even be able to avoid a conviction. We will explore every last opportunity for justice.

Free Violent Crimes Defense Consultation
Call the Victoria Law Firm so we can help build your defense immediately. You get a free initial legal consultation and we will help you understand and navigate the many things you’ll need to consider when facing charges of a violent crime.

What You Should Know About Violent Felonies (Violent Crimes)
Under South Carolina Law, Violent Crimes carry serious penalties if convicted. Having a felony conviction could mean jail or prison time and a criminal record can seriously affect your career and housing in the future. You need strong, determined legal counsel that will defend your rights and appeal unfavorable results. We will work to give you the best criminal defense in South Carolina.

Some Types of Violent Crimes:

Attempted Murder
Assault and Battery