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Sex Crimes

Sex Crimes

Sex Crimes
It is important that you understand how Sex Crime charges and convictions can devastate your future. Your life, reputation, relationships, and your career all can be affected greatly, so when charged with a Sex Crime, it is imperative that you get an experienced criminal defense law firm right away.

South Carolina Criminal Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer
South Carolina sex Crimes defense attorney Zack Farr knows the complexity of these charges that carry life-changing consequences. Previously serving tenure with the Solicitor’s Office, he prosecuted multiple sex crimes and knows exactly how to fight for you now as your criminal defense attorney serving the Spartanburg, Greenville, and Anderson areas.

We will investigate your case, help you understand your options, and increase your chances for the best possible outcome. We will explain the potential punishments that may be imposed and give you advice about going to trial.

Sex Crimes Free Consultation
Call the Victoria Law Firm now so we can start on your defense! We offer a free initial case evaluation regarding your sex crime charge(s).

What You Should Know About Sex Crimes in South Carolina
Sex Crimes in South Carolina includes any illegal act, behavior, or activity that involves sexual gratification, desire, or arousal and can produce multiple charges if there are other crimes such as kidnapping or violence involved. If convicted, you can face serious jail time as well as a lifetime as a registered sex offender. While some range from relatively minor sex offenses, others are more serious, but each case is different and you need to work with someone who is there to fight for your best sex crime defense.

Common Types of Sex Crimes in South Carolina:

Sexual Abuse
Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC)
Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor
Sexual Exploitation of a Minor
Statutory Rape
Child Porn
Sexual Harassment
Lewd Conduct
Indecent exposure