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Record Expungements

Record Expungements

Record Expungement
Expungements are a time-consuming process, but a worthy cause in order to take back your life again with a clean record. Your financial security, career, ability to rent a home and more are all affected by a criminal record, but getting that record wiped clean can be tough.

As expungement laws change, there may be rights and options that you have not considered. Because of this, we are willing and ready to help you with the Record Expungement process from beginning to end. For minor or first-time criminal offenses, the Victoria Law Firm is dedicated to getting your criminal record cleared, as if it never happened.

South Carolina Criminal Defense Lawyer
Criminal defense law is a complicated field and you shouldn’t have try to navigate it alone. There are many variables to understand regarding eligibility for juvenile or adult criminal record expungement, and getting help early on is vital when starting the process. We are here to help you understand and help you take control of your life again. We are the best defense team to get your criminal record expunged in the Spartanburg, Greenville, and Anderson areas.

Free Consultation About Record Expungement
Call us today for a complimentary Record Expungement case evaluation so we can begin to fight to restore your record. Our experienced criminal defense attorney will provide advice and aggressively ensure your rights are protected and exercised.

What You Should Know About Expunging Your Record
Also called an Order for Destruction of Arrest Records, an expungement can wipe clean a criminal record. By court order, a Record Expungement removes any reference to the original charge or conviction.

There are certain ineligible convictions, but otherwise, expungement works for minor or first-time offenses only, and only if there are no other criminal proceedings against you. Major offenses cannot be expunged. You may apply to have your record expunged after waiting one year from the date of your conviction. You are allowed only one expungement under this law.