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Speeding Tickets and Traffic Violations
If you have been charged with a speeding ticket, speak with a lawyer before entering a guilty plea. Do not wait! Call the Victoria Law Firm to help avoid charges for those pesky speeding tickets or other traffic violations. We cannot underestimate the value of effective representation from a South Carolina criminal defense lawyer for something as “simple” as speeding tickets.

South Carolina Speeding Ticket Defense Attorney
We will help explain your options, as well as the consequences of not fighting traffic violations. Serving as your lawyers in the Spartanburg, Greenville, and Anderson areas, we take your financial and personal freedom seriously and will help you fight to get a charge dismissed or changed to a non-moving violation.

Free Legal Consultation For Speeding Tickets
People hate speeding tickets. Most people get a speeding ticket at the worst time of the day, either when they are late to work or in a hurry to get somewhere. Regardless of what or why, give us a call to help you fight speeding tickets in South Carolina.

What You Should Know About Speeding Tickets and Traffic Violations
No matter the reason behind your ticket(s), they have serious consequences in the state of South Carolina. A conviction for even a minor offense such as this can have long-term effects on your life, especially for students who will be moving onto graduate school or starting a career or commercial drivers whose livelihood depends on driving.

Likewise most auto insurance companies increase rates for policyholders that have convictions for traffic violations. And aside from fines, surcharges, points penalties, and education courses, your license can be affected by DMV Suspension, Revocation, Withdrawal, and Cancellation.

You have a right to a jury trial for any offense, even a speeding ticket, but if everyone fought by trial, the courts would suffer. Because of this, prosecutors often reduce a speeding charge to a lesser violation to avoid going to trial. You should exercise your constitutional rights to a lawyer and fight the charges. Clients deserve a quick resolution when facing criminal accusations, even when it’s “just” a speeding ticket.