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I-601A Waiver

I-601A Waiver

Applying For Provisional Stateside Waiver I-601A
The I-601A waiver makes it possible for the unlawfully present relatives of U.S. citizens to apply for the waiver while still in the U.S. The immigrant relative may wait in the United States while USCIS makes a decision on his/her I-601A waiver. Once the waiver is approved, the immigrant is pre-approved to return to the United States. Once they are ready to proceed to the immigrant visa interview portion of the process and if they are not considered inadmissible to the U.S. for any other reasons, they can travel abroad to the U.S. consulate in their country of origin without risking not being able to reunite with their family in the U.S.

United States Immigration Law Attorney For I-601A Waiver Applications
Our law office has an experienced United States immigration lawyer serving immigration clients across the U.S. Our immigration attorney will help you determine if you qualify to apply for a waiver and will present your case if you do. Our immigration law firm has successfully filed many applications that appeared hopeless.

Free I-601A Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver Case Consultation
Wherever you are in the United States, we can help you from our South Carolina office with your I-601A waiver or other immigration cases. We have helped many individuals in solving their United States immigration situations for themselves and their families. If you or your family member need help with U.S. immigration laws, applications, visas, or waivers, contact our office to schedule a consultation regarding your case.

What You Should Know About I-601A Provisional Immigration Waivers
On March 4, 2013, the provisional unlawful presence waiver (I-601A) was introduced. Prior to that only waiver I-601 was available. I-601 waiver was decided abroad when the immigrant returns back to his/her home country to attend the visa interview at the consulate. As a result, immediate relatives (spouses, children, & parents) who were unlawfully present in the U.S. and ineligible to adjust their status in the U.S. risked not being able to return to the U.S. if their waiver was denied at the consulate.

To be eligible for the I-601A Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver, you must meet the following requirements:
Be 17 years of age or older.
Be a parent or spouse of a U.S. citizen.
Have an approved I-130 Petition or I-360 Petition.
Have a pending case with the Department of State (DOS) for the approved I-130/I-360 Petition.
Have paid the DOS processing fees.
Prove that your absence will cause extreme hardship for your parent or spouse.
Be physically present in the U.S. in time of the application.
Complete the biometrics appointment.

You are not eligible for the I-601A Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver if any of the following applies to you:
You are inadmissible for a reason other than unlawful presence. Examples include criminal issues, fraud, and having an illegal re-entry.
Your DOS interview was scheduled before January 3, 2013.
You are currently in removal proceedings.