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Deportation Defense

Deportation Defense

Deportation Defense in the United States
Even as a foreign national, you have rights in the United States. All individuals in removal hearings in Immigration Court have a right to be represented by an immigration attorney that will fight to keep you in the United States. It is critical that you hire an experienced immigration attorney to represent you or your loved one in removal proceedings. Our mission is to get you out of detention, or keep you out of custody, prove your reasons to remain in the United States and keep your family together.

United States Immigration Law Attorney For Deportation Defense
Our experienced and aggressive immigration lawyer serves the entire United States in effective immigration deportation defense cases. She has interned at the Immigration Court in Charlotte where she reviewed many decisions by immigration judges and wrote judicial opinions/orders herself. If you or a family member faces removal proceedings from the United States, our immigration law firm can help challenge the U.S. government’s deportation case against you.

Free Deportation Defense Case Consultation
Wherever you are in the United States, we can help you from our South Carolina office with your removal hearing and deportation case. Contact our office to schedule a immigration law consultation before it’s too late. We want to hear your story so we can represent you in court with the best removal defense for you.

What You Should Know About Deportation Defense in the United States
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) generally cannot deport you until you are first given a chance to go before an immigration judge to present your deportation case in what is now called removal proceedings. You need an attorney to represent you or your loved one in immigration court or risk deportation.

Grounds For Removal/Deportation
In order for the DHS to deport you, they must have legal grounds for a removal proceeding. Some (but not all) of these include:
Overstaying your visa.
Conviction of a felony.
Entering the U.S. illegally or through fraudulent means.
Making terrorist threats or engaging in terrorist activities or other security violations.
Falsifying federal or state government forms including 1-9 forms and student loan applications.
Violations of immigration laws in relation to economic, moral, political, or health requirements.

What Our Deportation Attorneys Can Do
We will request a hearing on your case in a process that’s called cancellation of removal.
We can help obtain a bond for your release from detention/custody.
We can seek a waiver, visa reinstatement, or visa extension from the U.S. government on your behalf for reasons like a family relationship, extreme hardship, and other.
We will fight to present the strongest removal defense available to you.