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Applying For Asylum Cases
As an immigrant in the United States, if you fear returning to your home country, you may qualify for asylum. But be aware that if you apply for asylum and your case is denied you may be ordered removed from the United States. For this reason, before you consider applying for asylum on your own and risking deportation, you should seek the advice of an immigration lawyer in a United States immigration law firm. We can and will assist you every step of the way.

United States Immigration Law Attorney For Asylum Applications
The Victoria Law Firm has experience in applying for asylum and will gladly prepare your application. We serve immigration clients across the United States and in our home state of South Carolina. Our immigration attorney will help you determine if you qualify for asylum and if you meet those requirements, we will present your asylum case to either the Asylum Office or an Immigration Judge.

Free Immigration Asylum Consultation
Contact our office to schedule a consultation regarding your asylum case.

What You Should Know About Applying For Asylum
An applicant for asylum in the U.S. must show a reasonable fear of persecution based upon one of five grounds identified in the law: political opinion, nationality, religion, social group or ethnicity.

You may not qualify for asylum if you wait too long to apply. An asylum seeker must submit his or her application within one year of arriving in the United States. There are limited exceptions to this deadline based upon exceptional circumstance affecting the applicant’s ability to file in a timely manner and material changes in home country conditions that result in new or increased fear.

You may not qualify for asylum if you have criminal violations. Call us for a free consultation today to find out if you qualify.