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Contract Disputes

Contract Disputes

South Carolina Business Contract Drafting and Contract Disputes
Unforeseen contract issues are at the core of many business disputes. For this reason, it is essential to have a skillful contract attorney draft proper agreements for you at the start of each significant transaction. Drafting accurate and detailed contracts that clearly reflect the agreement of the parties helps avoid problems in the future. For instance, when the parties fail to clearly define terms of the agreement, the provisions in the contract may fail.

We represent and advise clients in contract issues including:
Partnership agreements
Sale of a business
Purchase agreements
Employment contracts
Non-compete agreements
Real estate contracts
Vendor agreements
Licensing agreements
Intellectual property

Should there be a dispute over an existing contract, our contract litigation attorney handles:
Breach of contract, violating the terms of a contract
Partnership disputes, failure to live up to contractual obligations
Business fraud
Unfair business practices
Tortious interference (intentional damage to contractual relationships)
Other contract-related issues

South Carolina Business Law Attorney
Our experienced business law attorney serves South Carolina in the Spartanburg, Greenville, and Anderson areas. We offer effective representation in business law and litigation and know how to protect our client’s interests. We help position your business for future success with effective contracts, enforcement of contracts, or contract dispute litigation.

Free Consultation For Business Contract Drafting and Contract Disputes
Call us today for a free consultation from a South Carolina business lawyer that’s ready to serve both large and small business owners like you in contract drafting and contract disputes. Our law firm can make the difference between the success or failure of your company.

What Else You Should Know
Discontent in business relations can happen to anyone for reasons ranging from greed to marital discord, family arguments, death in the company, power struggles, and more. It is important to find the best South Carolina Business Litigation attorney you can to protect you and your business, from writing the contracts to enforcing the terms of the contracts, to litigating business contract disputes.

We aggressively protect your interests and minimize the risk of future litigation due to unclear loopholes in your contracts or unclear obligations of all parties in the contract. We will prepare your case for trial from the beginning, which may effectively cause a reasonable out-of-court settlement in your favor.